People think a makeup brand edited a white woman's hand a darker skin tone instead of hiring a black model

BECCA Cosmetics is facing backlash for its latest foundation.
BECCA Cosmetics
  • A promotional photo for BECCA Cosmetics’ new line of foundation is going viral after people accused the brand of editing a white model’s arm to appear darker.
  • The photo shows four arms in various skin tones, but people think the same hand is used for all of the color swatches.
  • Others think the four hands are different but possibly edited to look more uniform.

The beauty industry has had its fair share of hiccups regarding inclusive representation lately. While people have celebrated Rihanna’s makeup brand Fenty Beauty for what they deem to be an expansive and functional shade range, other brands like Tarte and Beautyblender have faced criticism for shade selections that some feel are less inclusive.

Now BECCA Cosmetics is facing backlash after Twitter user Farah tweeted a promotional photo the brand is using to demonstrate the shade range of its new Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation. The photo in question features four arms in various skin tones wearing swatches of the new product. Farah tweeted that it appeared as though the brand had “edited a white hand darker” for the deeper shades, specifically since the palms of the two darker models on the left seem to closely match the color of their arms.

“So did becca cosmetics really refuse to hire black women for these swatches?” Farah tweeted. “They just edited a white hard darker? look at the two darker hand’s palms.”

The photo can currently be seen on both the official product website and other retailers such as Ulta Beauty.

The photo can currently be found on BECCA’s official site.
BECCA Cosmetics

The tweet has quickly gone viral, with some people pointing out the uniform color of the palms

While some agree with the accusation that the brand darkened a white model’s hand to look darker, others aren’t as convinced

Some think the arms are completely different, or that the brand actually did use models with deeper skin tones but did a “poor job” at darkening the palms for a uniform look.

A representative for BECCA Cosmetics did not immediately respond to INSIDER’s request for comment.

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